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“Fire & Flower provided a framework for girls to discover what it means to be them and part of a community. It also provided a profound way for families to recognize their daughters – really see them – for the unique and powerful people that they are. My daughter enjoyed being challenged to own her place in the world with the support of strong, compassionate and authentic women.”

Renee Frappier


Gift self-identified girls something most of us never had:
To Be Honoured In Their Rite Of Passage Into Young Womanhood

Fire & Flower operates under our parent charity nonprofit United Girls of the World Society (UGWS). As such, we are pleased to issue tax receipts for all donations.

UGWS was created in 2017 with the purpose of addressing and preventing problems faced by girls & women and advancing their well-being by developing and providing programs and educational tools for them and their families on issues affecting their welfare. It was founded by Madeleine Shaw to support G Day for Girls, day-long rite of passage events to welcome girls ages 10-12 into adolescence. When the G Day team decided to no longer produce events in 2020, we were generously gifted their charity status to continue this good work. This act of deep sisterhood is part of the positive legacy we are collectively creating for girls and women.

For donation $500 or greater, please contact us directly.

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We welcome girls & their families as well as potential mentors to join our Fire & Flower family.

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