Be the bridge into womanhood

“The curiosity, intelligence and wonder of the young women grounded me on many levels, reminding me that no matter what age, people are so full of wisdom and a desire for authentic connection. Watching my mentee grow and blossom into a woman who is learning to uncover her own strength has been inspiring.”

Jennifer Aberman


Join our Mentorship Team!

~Applications due March 21, 2022~

Become a mentor for our 6-month Rite of Passage Program for the unique experience of holding girls in love and community as they transition into young womanhood. Witness their courage, passion, and explosive beauty as you support them to discover their individual gifts and shine.

Being a Fire and Flower mentor is a blend of 1-on-1 time with your mentee and community time with all mentors, participants, guest instructors and sometimes families. The 1-on-1 time can be much like a Big Sisters relationship, hanging out and doing free or low-cost activities (we have suggestions!). Community time brings everyone together in facilitated activities, recognizing that we belong to something greater and there is strength, power and synergy when we gather.

We provide training specifically on rites of passage and coming-of-age to guide all mentors through this special 6-month process. Your involvement is therefore two-fold: learning about the unique arc and details of a transformational rite of passage, and the precious opportunity to put that learning into action by intimately supporting a girl as she comes-of-age… all within an amazing community of girls and women! Witnessing young people’s inner fires ignite is truly awe-inspiring and we hope you’ll join us in this grand adventure! 


Why is your mentor role so important?

Coming-of-age is the time in youth when focus and awareness starts to shift from ‘home & family’ to the larger community or world. It’s a rich period of self-discovery where we naturally start pushing boundaries to expand our sense of self and belonging in the world. We usually feel, experience and think about A LOT as we’re going through so many changes.

In pre-modern times, as youth moved away from parental dependence, cultures around the world had rites of passage where mentors and elders stepped in to guide this self-discovery towards finding personal gifts and developing confidence. Young people’s natural need for risk and experimentation was met through appropriate challenges aimed to catalyze the geniusness that was ready to emerge. The whole village would honour and celebrate the transition.

Our modern Western culture sorely lacks such support, and many youth are coming-of-age with mainly the media and their peers for guidance. Girls learn very limiting ideas about beauty, power, body image, emotions and sex which can have negative effects on self-esteem and impede growth into their full potential.

Your presence as a mentor is therefore invaluable, and as a Fire & Flower mentor, you will accompany a special individual as she steps into the powerful time of young womanhood.

This, of course, is a big deal!

mentor holding hands

How will I be matched with my mentee?

Mentors and mentees meet in Session 1 (see schedule below). After some activities to get to know each other, we facilitate a process where the mentees select their top choices of mentors confidentially. We trust that the girls, consciously and/or intuitively, will know who is best suited for them in this journey and will encourage them to follow this knowing. We then look at their selections and make final matches that respect mentees’ choices as best we can.

Your Mentoring Program Includes:

*Support is available at any time during the program from our
lead mentor and/or counsellor.

*Sessions are held in Vancouver with the exception
of hikes in local areas (eg. North Vancouver) and our 5-day trip in the Lower Mainland.

For dates, program structure and curriculum, please see schedule below.

Financial Investment

$600-$800 sliding scale

Fee covers 11 days of formal programming as well as guidance and support throughout the 6-months:              – 2 days of mentor training on rites of        passage and coming-of-age                 – 4 days of facilitated group sessions       – 5-day ceremonial trip (includes                  ceremonies, food, accommodation,            transportation).                 

Payment plans available.


Other Requirements

Criminal Record Check (from last year is ok).

Application Process


Please fill out and submit the MENTOR APPLICATION FORM by Mar 21, 2022 (2 references required).


We will review your application and contact you for a phone interview between Mar 23-Apr 3. Final decisions will be made by Apr 6, 2022.


Successful applicants need to have a Criminal Record Check completed before Mentor Training Weekend on Apr 18-19, 2022.

Please note that if you are the mother of a current participant, you cannot be a mentor as you have a very different and important role in your daughter’s life as she goes through her rite of passage. Please join us next year.

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