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Guiding principles reviving ancient wisdom

Why is Fire & Flower so effective?​

We follow 3 foundational pillars that weave a beautiful basket to hold your daughter. These are the results of evaluating rites of passage theory and practice past and present to give girls tools, knowledge, support and experiences that catalyze the self-realization of personal strengths and resilience. Girls then move into young womanhood with self-confidence, equipped to handle change.


  • Mentorship allows girls to feel really seen and to know they really matter. Spending 1-on-1 time with a mentor, they are supported in their personal curiosities and challenges while having a safe window into the adult world.
  • As mentors, knowing the girls well allows us to continually tailor activities to what they need and create experiences where their unique strengths are discovered and validated. Mentors act as a bridge for girls to enter womanhood and the larger world on solid ground, clear of their worth and incredible potential.


  • Community is vital to ensure girls know that what they are going through is normal, that they belong and that womanhood is vastly diverse. Mentorship on its own can be isolating so we balance it with girls and women coming together in group settings.
  • Together we normalize ‘awkward’ discussions on menstruation or crushes. We create a culture of acceptance where diversity - of shapes, sizes, ethnicities, passions and personalities - is deeply celebrated.
  • Where mentorship recognizes uniqueness, community fosters unity.

Nature Connection

  • Nature is empowering and with good guidance, girls feel amazing outdoors.
  • Nature provides the challenge they need to trust and appreciate themselves, and especially their bodies. In a setting that is free of judgement (away from media and devices) and full of beauty and diversity, girls’ nervous systems calm down and they feel grounded and safe to express their inner nature. They also experience the humbling effect of belonging to the circle of life.
  • Outer natural beauty encourages our inner natural beauty to shine, and it is usually in nature that the most transformative mentoring and community bonding occurs. Girls find a deep joy and freedom in being themselves. Nature connection is introduced through games, crafts, hiking and reflective exercises.

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