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Guiding principles reviving ancient wisdom

Empowering Girls and Non-Binary Youth to Step Into Womanhood/Adulthood

Fire and Flower’s process is the cumulative result of founder Elisa Lee’s graduate research on modern and historic rites of passage theory – combined with her years of experience as a wilderness guide. Fire and Flower offers a variety of program experiences, all of which are unified by the three pillars: Mentorship, Community and Nature Connection.

Girls and non-binary youth participating in our weekly, Spring Break, and summer programs experience what it looks and feels like to be part of a community of sisterhood. They will start navigating hard-to-talk-about topics like body image, media literacy, menstruation and sexuality in a fun, honest and safe environment.

Every second year, we offer a comprehensive six-month rite of passage program, where participants are well-supported through their process into young adulthood. In this comprehensive experience, we dive deeper into the topics above, provide in-depth, personalized mentorship and embark on a 5-day adventure that includes a transformative coming-of-age ceremony.

Most importantly, participants continue to be supported after they return home from their trip, so that their growth and radiance is integrated into their daily lives.

In addition, Fire and Flower creates custom programs for schools and organization, and can travel to communities to deliver our stellar empowerment camps.

Reading more about our guiding principles – the three pillars – below.

1. Mentorship

2. Community

3. Nature Connection

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