Our Story, Mission,
Vision & Values

A project grown from gratitude and community

Our Mission, Vision & Values


United Girls of the World Society / Fire & Flower empowers and mentors girls and non-binary youth in their complex journey into young womanhood/adulthood through relevant, innovative and experiential programs based on community-building, nature connection and honouring the uniqueness of each individual.


We envision a society where the transition from youth to young adulthood is viewed as a time of importance and reverence, with rite of passage support restored and accessible in all communities.


We believe in the power of rites of passage to foster confident, community-minded citizens who bring connection and awareness to themselves, others and the non-human world. We believe in helping young women+ claim their right to be confidently and unapologetically themselves.

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We welcome youth & their families as well as potential mentors to join our Fire & Flower family.

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