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The hearts that make Fire & Flower blossom

Elisa Lee

Founder and Lead Mentor

Elisa Lee, MA, BEd, BSc, BA, has been hanging out with young people for 15 years. She remembers how BIG it felt menstruating for the first time, and how she had so many questions about growing older, “So, I can have a baby now?? Are these changes in my body normal? Am I normal? What do I do about this crush? What’s highschool going to be like?” She just felt different than before when she was younger. Nowadays, Elisa loves being around girls & young women hearing about their lives, their dreams and their fears, and helping them know how incredible and amazingly unique they are. As a school teacher and youth wilderness guide, Elisa practices compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to cultivate empathetic relationships. Elisa shared her childhood with the mighty salmon of northern British Columbia and like them, she migrated far from home. After completing university degrees in Education, Biology and English Literature in Ontario, she had many adventures living and traveling abroad before feeling the instinctual pull to journey home. In 2012, Elisa enacted a nature-based rite of passage and was formally initiated as a woman at the age of 31. This life-changing experience inspired her to complete a Master’s degree in Environmental Education focusing on women’s coming-of-age rites of passage. She has also done vision quest guide training with The School of Lost Borders, and helped lead youth rites of passage with Rites of Passage Journeys. Elisa is a lifelong student of conscious communication and personal development, and currently teaches at Fresh Air Learning forest school and facilitates the Self-Care Project.

Core Team

Daniella Roze

Spring Break & Summer Mentor

Samar Shanta

Mentor Support

Sara Ross

Graphics and Web

Special Instructors

Caralyn Randa

Art Therapist

Veronica Berezowsky ​​

Menstruation Coach

Corinne Underwood

Sexual Health Educator

Carmen Ganne

Mother-Daughter Connections

Rite of Passage Mentors

We welcome new mentors for our rite of passage program every second year. Here are some of our wonderful past mentors:

jen - mentor
Jennifer Aberman
Alla Mcqueen
Alla McQueen