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Volunteer at our Empowerment Camps

Join us as a volunteer for our 5-day Empowerment Camps! 
Here’s an idea of the role…
Overall you are invited to be yourself, share yourself with the group, and participate. You will be a mentor – a bridge into adulthood for the youth – so it’s actually really important that the participants get a sense of who you are. In all the activities, don’t be shy to add your voice! Depending on the activity, you can circulate and help where needed, chat with certain participants who could benefit from extra attention, and generally be an extra set of eyes, ears, and heart for what’s needed to build a safe container for each participant. We also appreciate help to set-up & clean up activities and the space.
If you are comfortable hanging out with some participants on your own (usually 4-6 youth), we might sometimes divide into 2 smaller groups for an activity and you would lead one of them. This could be for discussions on a certain topic or to explore nature outdoors – all depending on your comfort level.
We spend roughly half the time outside. Generally we’re inside in the morning learning about the topic of the day, and then we’re outside for lunch and the afternoon enjoying nature, decompressing, and having fun.
Programs often have 1-2 youth mentors who have participated in the program before and are returning in a leadership role. They will also be helping to lead, set-up, and clean up throughout the week. Youth mentors, adult volunteers, and the facilitator make up the leadership team weaving a strong basket to hold each group.

Please follow the links for program dates, locations, and times: Spring Break OR Summer Camps.
Ideally volunteers are present for the entire week but a minimum of 2 days is fine.
Please note that we ask you to arrive a half hour before the program start time and stay for a half hour at the end of each day for team leadership meetings. In the morning, we review the day’s activities, touch base on any issues, and set goals. Youth mentors & volunteers can decide if they want to lead anything – only if you want to.
Volunteering requires a criminal record check which can be obtained for free through our organization.
You are responsible for your own transportation to & from the venue, your own food, and dressing for the weather every day.
If you have any more questions about this role, feel free to Contact Us.
We hope you decide to join us!

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