Spring Break Programs 2021!

Five unforgettable days of sisterhood and self

“We all trusted each other. I could say anything without being judged.”


“I signed up for Fire & Flower just as something to do but it ended up helping me through emotions that I didn’t know I needed help with. And it wasn’t in a sudden way like just addressing it. It was through time and being in touch with myself.”


Spring Break 2021 - registration opens Wed Jan. 6!

We are pleased to be offering a program this March for 10-12 year olds. Our 12-14yo program will be offered again this summer – thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate this pandemic.

At Fire & Flower, we create a space of radical acceptance for girls to know, feel, see and express how amazing they are, just as they are, because they are! This is LGBTQ2SIAP+ inclusive and welcoming space.

In this time of big changes girls’ lives, we also involve adult caregivers to promote connection and communication in these special relationships. We invite one parent/caregiver/special adult to join us on Friday afternoon for special activities. 12:30-3pm for our 10-12 program; 1-4pm for our 12-14 program.

*Program themes include:

  • Sisterhood – Celebrating the many ways we are unified as girls and unique as individuals
  • Body Love – Examining media’s portrayal of women and seeing the real beauty in diversity
  • Our Awesome Bodies – Menstruation, emotional shifts and physical developments, sexual attraction
  • Staying Connected to Parents – Communication and quality-time with our caregivers

In addition, our 10-12 program explores friendship and power dynamics, and empowers girls to create cultures of respect and dignity for all. Our 12-14 program includes healthy intimate relationships, teaching a model that balances values, emotions, knowledge and the body. We also dive deeper into sex & sexuality, navigating self- and shared pleasure, consent and social media.

*Content subject to change at facilitators’ discretion

Next Programs

Ages 10-12

WEEK 1                                                        Dates: March 15-19, 2021
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: West Point Grey Community Centre, 4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver                         *Cost: $400

WEEK 2                                              DatesMarch 22-26, 2021
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: West Point Grey Community Centre, 4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver                         *Cost: $400

Registration is through the Community Centre                                 (scroll down)

*Low-income families may qualify for 50% off through the Leisure Access Program. Enquire with the Community Centre. 

*Bursaries available for families who don’t quality for the Leisure Access Program discount or who need financial assistance in addition to the discount. Simply Contact us!  


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Each day will include:


Payment plans can be arranged. Please contact us.

She loved it from beginning to end and came home excited and bubbling everyday. She felt comfortable and included which is rare for her in groups. This is a testament to the accepting and empowering atmosphere of Fire & Flower.

Ailbhe Smyth


The program was above and beyond my expectations. My daughter flourished, developed a positive sense of herself and grew so much in just a week! Our bond is now so much stronger.

Adey Zelles


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Join us for 5 days of incredible fun, depth and connection over Spring Break.

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