Summer Day Camps 2023

“This is the only camp I’ve been to that I didn’t want to quit by day 2.”


“Being with women all week is awesome – you have to try it!! It makes you feel better about yourself.”


Summer Camps are Here!!

We are excited to offer our empowerment camps in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, and Whistler this Summer! Sign up below for our newsletter to receive email updates.

In all Fire & Flower programs, we create a space of radical acceptance for girls and non-binary youth. We celebrate the ways we are both unique from each other and unified in our shared experiences & concerns. Participants are supported to explore the joys and challenges that come with growing up in a fun, judgement-free environment. This is a LGBTQ2SIAP+ inclusive and we welcome non-binary youth.

Our outdoor classroom with girls taking notes in the forest.

Each of our 4 empowerment camps delve into different themes and topics surrounding adolescence and young womanhood/adulthood. Each camp balances learning with relevant crafts, and a daily dose of nature time. We also provide space for vulnerability and openness with our daily heart circles.

We keep groups small with only 6-12 participants to maximize connection & intimacy. It’s like a 5-day sleepover without actually sleeping over!

A parent or significant adult is asked to join us Friday afternoon for some special facilitated connection time. Please make arrangements to join us for this meaningful afternoon. Exact time provided upon registration.

Bursaries are available for all programs. Simply contact us!

Our camps are named after birds of the Pacific Northwest to honour their relevance and symbolism to the Coast Salish peoples on whose unceded land we base our operations.

Hummingbird Camp (10-12 yo)                         
Hummingbirds are messengers of joy, friendship, playfulness and beauty.

  • Examining stereotypes and body positivity
  • Navigating friendship and power dynamics
  • Creating a culture of dignity and respect for all

Kingfisher Camp (10-12 yo)                                      
Kingfisher birds symbolize right timing, moving forward in life and abundance.

  • Physical developments and emotional shifts at this time in life
  • The diversity of anatomy in different bodies (female, male, intersex)
  • An in-depth look at menstruation

Blue Heron Camp (12-14 yo)                                              
Blue herons represent patience, elegance and grace.

  • A deep dive into media’s portrayal of the female form
  • Seeing the real beauty in diversity
  • Creating new media that reflects body love and positivity

Owl Camp (12-14 yo)                                                         
Owls teach us about intuition and wisdom, foresight and sacred knowledge.

  • Gender identity, sexuality and attraction
  • A model for healthy intimate relationships that includes values, emotions, knowledge, the body and communication
  • Sex: consent, boundaries, self- and shared pleasure
  • Safety: sexting and pornography

There are no prerequisites to any of the programs.

We acknowledge the financial support of the province of British Columbia.

British Columbia

Next Programs

Kingfisher Camp (10-12 yo)
Aug 14-18  l  Mentor: Althea Pavel
Gibsons Farm
9:30am-3:30pm  —  $430

Owl Camp (12-14yo)
Aug 21-25  l  Mentor: TBA
Gibsons Farm
9:30am-4pm  —  $480

Hummingbird Camp (10-12 yo)
Jul 24-28  l  Mentor: Elisa Lee
Whistler Howe Sound Women’s Centre
9:30am-3:30pm  —  $420

Hummingbird Camp (10-12 yo)
Aug 28-Sep 1  l  Mentor: Elisa Lee Cumberland Lake Park – Comox Lake
9:30am-3:30pm  —  $430

Kingfisher Camp (10-12 yo)
Aug 21-25  l  Mentor: Carly Charters Terra Nova Rural Park
9:30am-3:30pm  —  $420

Hummingbird Camp (10-12 yo)
July 10-14  l  Mentor: Carly Charters
West Point Grey Community Centre
9:15-3:15pm  —  $420

Kingfisher Camp (10-12 yo)
July 4-7   l   Mentor: Carly Charters
Trout Lake Community Centre
9:15am-3:15pm  —  $280

Owl Camp (12-14 yo)
July 17-21   l   Mentor: Elisa Lee
West Point Grey Community Centre
9:15am-3:45pm  —  $470

*Low-income Vancouver families may qualify for 50% off through Vancouver’s Leisure Access Program. Enquire with the Community Centre.

*Bursaries and payment plans for all programs are available. Please Contact Us!

Registration for Vancouver camps is through the community centres.
Scroll down for all registration links!

“Normally it is so hard to get her up in the mornings but this week was a breeze! She is excited and feels so much more confident in herself and her abilities.”

“I can see my daughter will grow into her adulthood with more strength, confidence and happiness than she would have otherwise. Happy Dad!” 

Shayne King-Scobie


“She came home excited to share what she had learned with us everyday. Finally, a program that is fun, empowering, and affirming.

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